Fascist media and Big Techs evil agenda.

When the media accuses others for doing and behaving exactly as they do themselves, then you know something is VERY wrong in their mind. They support anarchy, violent riots, burning and destruction of innocent peoples property, murder and sexual abuse. They support open borders, human traficking, drug handling and terror. And even coup against their own president. The MSM fascist/marxist/islamist media are getting more radical every day. These demonized people are dangerous with their hate-speech and radical propaganda, putting people and countries up against each other and putting peoples lives at risk. They're also putting Americas national security at risk, by cooperating with an foreign evil country trying to infiltrate every aspect of the community, and take control over the US. These evil people will NOT get away with their treason to America and the whole world.

The Wall

Petter Andreas
Mar 2
They like to call republicans for rightwing radicals and nazizs. But for four years, they are the only ones who have burned, rioted, killed and blinded inocent police offisers. They are the devil on earth. This is the REAL America.
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