Exclusive Live With Lin Wood. THE TRUTH.

Listen carefully to what Lin Wood says. For what HE says is the TRUTH about the coup attempt that has been going on for four years, and the Chinese Communist regime's attacks on the United States and the whole world. By spreading their biological weapons, they have soon gained full control of the United States, and thus the entire world. All they need now is for their own puppet to become president of the White House, and all their goals of becoming the world's leading economic and military leader have been achieved. The ONLY one who can stop this is President Trump and his 80 million supporters. THEY will NEVER allow China to rule the United States through its puppets among the Democrats' political traitors, Big Tech's, and the billionaires who have earned even richer from the fact that over 1.6 million people have suffered a cruel death. STAND UP FOR AMERICA OR THE WORLD WILL BE DOOMED.

The Wall

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